Entry #3

Streaming Cartoon Making

2016-06-24 13:40:06 by BEEBOG

If you're a big ol' nerd who likes watching animators animate, check out our stream here!

We have a new cartoon in the works that we're aiming to finish on Sunday, July 3rd. Click to somewhat enjoy an out of context, half-done clip!


The stream will be online everyday until then, starting at various times. Here's a rough schedule, UK times:

Today: 7pm - 10pm (BST)

Tomorrow: 6pm - 10pm (BST)

Sunday: 12am - 10pm (BST)

Mon to Friday: 8pm - 9pm (BST)

Saturday: 12am - 10pm (BST)

Sunday: 12am - 9pm (BST)

We think the stream will be a great motivation for us to get this thing done and also a chance to talk to people interested in animation, take questions and share techniques!

Hope to see you there. Reminders will be posted on Twitter.



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2016-06-24 14:33:46

It's awesome to know you're making cartoons again. I look forward to the new release!

BEEBOG responds:

Thank you! It's been way too long, I forgot how fun animation can be! :D